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The UK’s Home Office has published its updated shortage occupation list for 2022, detailing the jobs which are in short supply in the labour market.
These jobs are afforded more relaxed eligibility criteria for sponsored work visa applications, says specialist immigration legal firm Davidson Morris.
“Under the new points-based immigration system, most non-UK resident workers must apply for a visa to come to the UK to work. The primary route is the new Skilled Worker visa, which replaced the Tier 2 (General) visa,” the firm said.
“For employers looking to sponsor skilled non-UK resident workers, a number of strict requirements apply in respect of the role being recruited for. To be eligible for the new visa, the worker must attain 70 points, covering attributes such as skills, language and salary requirements.”
Where a role is on the Shortage Occupation List, 20 points will be ‘tradeable’ against a salary that is up to 20% below the relevant minimum salary threshold, in most cases £20,480, provided the role is not an occupation subject to national pay scales and that no other reduction applies (such as being a new entrant or having a relevant PhD).
A summarised overview of some of the skills in demand can be found in the table below. The areas of the UK where there is a shortage are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Irelands, except where otherwise indicated. The complete list can be found on the Home Office’s website here.
* Scotland only
** No going rate, minimum must be the value indicated
Care workers 
The updated skills list means the UK Government will also include care workers in the Health and Care Visa route from this year.
The reasoning behind the expansion of the current Health and Care Visa route is to bring relief to the Care Worker industry. The Health and Care Worker industry has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and faces staff shortages and pressures, says specialist immigration firm Breytenbachs.
“The inclusion of the Care Workers on the Shortage Occupation List will likely stipulate a minimum annual salary of £20,480 for carers to qualify. If they meet this minimum salary, they should be eligible for the UK Health and Care Worker Visa,” the firm said.
“Dependents will most likely be able to apply to accompany the main applicant, and it seems like fast-track processing will be available.”
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