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As we try to navigate the balance between staying indoors and going outside into the big wide world once again – our homes are set to mirror both. As much as comfort is set to play a huge part in how we enjoy our home spaces, so will a curiosity with the rest of the world, different cultures, arts and their spaces in our own.
1.Minimalism is out
Many people have grown tired of the ‘minimalist sensation’ which is largely due to collective societies looking to embrace one thing again – fun. Whimsical, creative and artistic pieces that speak to fun-loving energy are set to be hot on the scene in 2022, where bland decor and colours (par chocolate brown which some experts are backing to enjoy the home space in 2022) are predicted to be on the back foot. The ‘Avant Basic’ movement that ranges from fashion to interior design is digging its heels into the new year, and so homes embodying brighter colours, bolder designs and more statement pieces will be on the prowl.
Alongside society’s fascination with the outdoors and our deeper love for the environment comes biophilia-esque decor that can be expected to manifest itself in a myriad of forms in 2022. Homes that remind us of small jungles adorned with greenery and environmental conscious finds will be a hot-take in 2022. ‘Goblincore mode’ as Architectural Digestputs it, speaks to thrifting, shopping second hand and recreating cottage-like looks, is also predicted to make waves in the interior design world.
Books, as we know them, are transforming from personal libraries as they are being used to make staircases, tables and the like. Pinterest is a huge attribute for this interior-design trend. Covers of magazines, books and coffee-table books coming back into fashion are all tied to the art of literature movement that we can expect to enjoy in 2022.
4. Modular furniture
Furniture serving multi-functional purposes is hot on the rise in 2022, especially as many people decided they actually like working from home. This term doesn’t necessarily mean ‘futuristic-looking’ pieces, but rather intelligently designed furniture designed to fit into various spaces in seeking functionality. This fluidity is not only welcomed by the interior design brigade because of the creative and often soft looks they exude, but is largely welcomed by the person looking to embrace comfort and thrill in their home (banking on the bold, yet comfortable trend).
5.It’s all about colour
Bright and bold, or soft and pastel, the common denominator is apparent – colour is what the world is loving right now. Patterns, textiles and the like are speaking to eras gone by. Some are adoring the 1970s aesthetic in terms of colour, while others are opting for a more ‘1940s updated chintz vibe’ as Vogue calls it, which is an entirely different colour spectrum. The modern era’s fascination with the past is in full swing, and it may just manifest in the same stride in your home.
6.Grand millenialism
Furthering the idea of ‘eras gone by’ naturally creates a conversation around the ‘grand millennialism’ aesthetic, which in essence speaks to the 1940s, the ‘more is more’ ideology, floral and the like. The difference that comes with the 21st century, however, is that this aesthetic falls more part of the background as opposed to the centre-pieces. Floral wallpapers and touches of glamour will be the added flavour to more modern furniture settings, as unexpected as it sounds. Martyn Lawrence Bullard is one of the many experts who attests to this movement.
7.Open floor space plans
No longer do people wish to feel confined, and now that we know what it’s like to spend so much time indoors, the idea of open space has become highly attractive to many. This trend contracts the more is more concept, but it naturally depends on the home, the person and the space you’re working with. Light, a biophilia influence, dual-purpose rooms separated by partitions and the like are some ways those in the know predict that open floor spaces will be utilised for multi-functional needs and wishes.
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Picture: Creative Boom

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