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Friday, 03 June
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The Bridgerton Affair red carpet is as lavish as you would expect. Marking the launch of the second season of the hit Netflix series, Bridgerton, the esteemed guests of the soirée honoured the theme “Bridgerton Royalty | Regency, with an African Flair” in extravagant and bourgeois fashion.

Hosted by former Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi, dressed as Queen Charlotte from the Bridgerton, the spirit of the series came alive through fashion at the lavish event. 
Alongside her majesty, Zozi, in the queen’s court were comedians Coconut Kelz – who dressed as Lady Whistledown – and Donovan Goliath – who dressed as the Royal Guard.
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Spotted on the red carpet is every A-lister you can think of. From movie and television stars to luxury designers and influencers – all the who’s who walked through the doors of the most lavish event of the season. 
Hot off the red carpet, TRUELOVE spoke to actress and television producer Connie Ferguson, former Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni, the talented Nambitha Ben-Mazwi, style star Kefilwe Mabote, among many others. 
“This is a Dineo Langa and Port of LNG dress, which is her brand. She started dressing me for The Wife and I felt this is a brand I want to be associated with going forward. She has the vision as you can see, this is a deconstructed ball gown that doesn’t have the top layer.”

“My favourite character is actually a new character, I’ve only seen episode one thus far but she caught my eye. She’s this dark-skinned Indian lady, her name is Kate. She’s just so riveting, so I’m really excited to see how her character develops throughout the season.”

“They said Bridgerton and I immediately thought of royalty and when they said Africa, I said that’s where I come in! As a Zulu and African queen, I thought of the most precious thing I’ve ever seen. My dress is a custom-made Masango by Siphosihle dress and I’m styled by Phupho, of course!”

“I would see how [Lady Whistledown] links to Coconut Kelz because she is the eye of society, she’s going to read the room and tell you your business, correct the wrongs. She does it in secret, which I don’t, but my favourite character is actually Eloise because she is Miss Independent, she’s not here to find a husband or be paraded and grovel for a man. She’ll find one, I’m sure, eventually in some story, some chapter, somewhere but for now it’s about her career – especially in a time that didn’t allow women to step out as career women.
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“And she’s super funny, her dialogue is so funny. She’s always got some sort of witty one-liner and that’s exactly my personality, I feel most drawn to her. But because she and Lady Whistledown are always in scenes together, maybe I’m just a little bit of both, maybe it’s half-half and they are the perfect pair so those are my favourite characters.

“What inspired my look was the theme being Bridgerton with an African flair and I just knew that the perfect person to go to for this is Imprint. I haven’t watched the second season yet but I’m sad that The Duke won’t be there!”

“Look, I think everybody was impressed by The Duke in the first season and he’s gone now so let’s see what happens in [the second season].”

“My favourite character, just because she’s going through it and she was the sweetest one in a particular moment, I really enjoyed Lady Whistledown. I really loved the queen, of course, because she lives for drama.”
“My favourite characters are The Duke and The Duchess.” 

“Who is my favourite character, Lady Danbury? That’s my girl.”
“My favourite character from the Bridgerton series is, of course, The Duke.”

“My favourite Bridgerton character has to be Daphne.”

“My favourite character on Bridgerton is The Duke because he is hot!”

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