About Cape Town Website Design Agency.

Our agency was founded in 2015 and we specialise in website design on WordPress. We are a Cape Town based agency and understand the difficulties that small businesses face.

For this reason, we decided to offer an opportunity to these businesses to get an online presence through a well designed website but at a minimal cost.

Our UI and UX designers have designed multiple website templates that can be used for different industries. We offer our clients the choice of a design they like and apply their content to it.

We went 100% remote and are able to reduce our margins considerably. Our clients are the ones who benefit from it as we offer them a professional website at a fraction of its cost.

How We Work

Our process

Step 1.

We meet our customer in person or over a phone or video call. We discuss their need and offer them a few templates and packages to choose from.

Step 2.

Once our client has chosen their template and package, we secure their domain name, hosting and proceed to build their website.

Step 3.

Once the website is ready, the client is given a link to review same. Upon approval, we launch the website and connect if to Google Search Console.

Why Choose Us


We take care of everything from the domain name, hosting, and design and we also offer monthly maintenance and security updates.


As we are using our pre-built templates, our websites are ready for launch much faster than traditional website designs.


We use our own templates and work 100% remotely. That enables us to provide professional websites at a fraction of the cost


See some examples of the websites we have built for South African Entrepreneurs.

Internet Service Provider

A stunning website for an internet service provider to showcase their services, technology and allows their clients to apply for their services online.

Environmental Impact

A website built for a waste processing company. The website serves as an informational resource and the purpose is to build brand authority in the field.

Financial Services and Compliance

This website was built to build brand authority in the financial services sector. It features all the services provided by the business and has an amazing blog.

Are You Looking For An Affordable Website For Your Business In South Africa?

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