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For any company, location is always an important consideration. Unfortunately, even with the best possible business idea, a company’s surroundings can determine whether it reaches its business goals.
For the e-commerce digital marketing industry, the question is which province and city will be the best to focus on. For customers, this can actually help identify where to focus when picking vendors. While many still view Johannesburg and Gauteng as prime business locations, there’s no question that the tables have turned. These days, for many industries, including digital marketing, Cape Town is the prime hotspot.
Much change took place in South Africa’s business environment. When deciding who to partner with or where to set up a company, it’s vital to consider the changes and trends to plan appropriately for now, as well the future of your company. These features now make it certain that Cape Town will be the hub when it comes to e-commerce marketing.
For companies to stay at the top of their game, they need the right talent. Employees determine productivity and outcome. Cape Town is recognised globally as one of the best places to live in South Africa. This is thanks to infrastructure, job opportunities, natural beauty and many more factors. People will flock to the city from across the country to be part of this environment.
There are still attractions to cities like Johannesburg and Durban but the need for quality of life is becoming a bigger priority for people these days. Companies elsewhere may lose many of their workers who decide to move to the Western Cape, and more people are setting up their businesses there.
Digital marketing is an evolving industry. To keep ahead of competitors, digital marketing companies need talent that’s knowledgeable about the latest developments. This requires incorporating new employees and it’s best to be close to the institutions they study at. Cape Town has quality training facilities, such as UCT, that offer both commerce and e-commerce courses.
It’s beneficial when brands are in close proximity to other companies performing similar services. It creates competition between brands, forcing them to deliver optimal services in order not to lose clients. It also helps if customers can easily visit a number of them to vet and compare them.
This even applies when clients are searching for vendors online. Based on reviews, the best in the business may appear high in search engine results pages. Other similar companies can then be located nearby or will be shown on a map, simplifying the search process.
The good news is that there are multiple leading companies located in Cape Town. This applies to advertising agencies as well as e-commerce development companies. There are multiple respected names, creating a group of market leaders, all stationed in one place.
Having similar companies in close proximity also creates an opportunity for:
Remember, when you’re looking for an e-commerce digital marketing agency (that will be able to handle everything from your Web development to your SEO and social media) and you’re in Johannesburg or Durban, don’t think that Cape Town’s hub can’t benefit you. You’ll easily find a Cape Town SEO digital marketing company that has the systems in place to help clients remotely. So, any South African brand can benefit by contacting a Cape Town based agency.
For anyone setting up a digital marketing company, access to quality IT resources is essential. This is vital for the company’s workflow as well as to ensure quality service to clients. With Cape Town being the city in all of Africa that’s home to the most IT companies, it’s clear where a digital marketing company will have peace of mind about access to quality information technology services.
Once again, this also creates a pool of talent from which to draw employees. IT and digital marketing complement each other and a marketing company can easily find quality employees to bring skills in-house.
An additional attraction, which impacts many industries including marketing, is the Western Cape’s economy. Businesses want to be where there’s efficiency, lower cost of products, more security and good transportation for employees. All of this is a reality in Cape Town, drawing market leaders to establish their brands there.
The writing’s on the wall. Cape Town is the place to be AND the place to do business. With so much natural beauty to act as inspiration for creative thought, it’s no wonder the marketing industry is flourishing near Table Mountain.
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