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Cape Town has a lot of talented designers congregated within its beautiful cityscape. Here is a list of talented designers to keep an eye on to help support and help these local talents reach new heights:

Founded by Nabeelah September, Flowers Are Nice is a label that was created to accentuate the “divine feminine”.
The clothing is known for its sleek and slightly futuristic take on streetwear while uplifting its wearer.
“Flowers Are Nice is made for every kind of femme. We know that the world is ever-changing and evolving, which means that fashion is caught between timelessness and being trendy. We don’t really care too much for either or, we only care about what makes you feel good. We can’t even classify our clothing as streetwear or contemporary because it is more than that. Flowers Are Nice, but that means that all of creation is nice, just like you,” the label’s official site reads.
Website: https://flowersarenice.com

Local label Rosey and Vittori is known for its mix of glamour and every chic.
Rosey & Vittori started as a young man’s passion turned hobby for well-made apparel. Having never studied fashion design, Steven Rosenbaum used his background in brand building and marketing to start the luxury brand. The label was sold in small local boutiques around Cape Town while Rosey studied. Once he graduated, he took a break from local life and moved to the east coast of America to explore and find inspiration.
All clothing is produced at the label’s Maitland factory.
Website: https://roseyandvittori.com

This utilitarian label is known for its interesting use of fabrics and practical approach to fashion.
They took the time to research and document each step during their design and development process.
Website: https://www.researchunitstudio.com

One of Cape Town’s most popular menswear designers, Throwaway Twenty is known for their unique fabric and motif choices, as well as their structured jackets.
Throwaway Twenty is about making the best mistakes. It’s about being mischievous, gutsy + unapologetic on a road to rediscovery. It’s about taking the underdogs along on the journey + coming home reborn showing the rest how we’ve lived and how we live now. It’s for everyone who needs a comeback story. It’s for the fighters, the dreamers, the lovers, the poets, the charmers, the courageous, the lost, the crazy stupid and the next generation,” the label said. 
Website: https://throwawaytwenty.com

Artclub is based in a blue artist’s house in Observatory, and is known for its emphasis on creating high-quality and durable products.
Lucinda is a hard news writer who occasionally dabbles in lifestyle writing, and recent journalism graduate. She is a proud intersectional feminist, and is passionate about actively creating a world which is free of discrimination and inequality.

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