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One of Miley Cyrus’s latest fashion choices is dripping in a South African designer’s creative imaginings, and a story of socio-political commentary behind the ‘fit’.
The designer, Thebe Magugu is a name to be engraved in the fashion world’s mind as the designer is not just making waves in the industry, but tsunamis.
Miss Miley Cyrus was snapped posing casually in her private jet after a packed era of her recent life (and fashion world); namely taking the stage at the notorious Lollapalooza festival in which her performance wardrobe was killer.
However, seeing the pop-culture icon’s threads tied to a South African name in such a luxurious setting ignited a spark of world and localised interest.
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The drip was an ensemble of a suit dubbed “Red Strappy” which embodied a blazing crimson blazer and matching trousers, alongside a mint-green necktie and white cowboy boots. As dashing as the images are, it’s really the mind and story behind the creation that has people’s attention.
Magugu showcased his excitement at seeing his art on a star of her magnitude on Twitter.
Queen of everything @MileyCyrus wearing the Strappy Red Suit from our first menswear collection 📎
Doublethink SS22
— THEBE MAGUGU (@_ThebeMagugu_) August 2, 2021

Hailing from his spring 2022 menswear show titled Doublethink, the collection is a story of social commentary in South Africa.
The inspiration for this spring collection is rooted in a look at corruption in Africa and the whistleblowers who challenge it.
“In many ways, the societal ills the continent wrestles with stem from the insidious actions of its leaders. In South Africa, we have regularised the daily tales of missing millions and economy-controlling families. These stories become dinner-time anecdotes, which minimizes the devastating ramifications that corruption holds,” writes the brand’s website.
Another source of inspiration was journalist Mandy Wiener’s 2020 book, The Whistleblowers.
The collection also utilised  archives of Jonathan Shapiro’s “intelligent and confrontational illustrations.”
The collection debuted in Florence in July, at Pitti Uomo, and is Magugu’s first voyage into men’s fashion.
Who is Thebe Magugu?
Winner of the 2019 LVMH prize, Magugu creates clothes that are beautiful but also tell a story, as per Vogue.
“This concept was translated by Magugu in his unconventional suiting and Western wear that subverts ideas about masculine power and dominance,” the publication writes.
When we consider the power that a person like Cyrus harnesses, intertwined with such a pivotal look on an aspect of South Africa both politically and socially, two things can be assessed:
Firstly, African imaginings and stories are taking up space in the Western world, and secondly, these types of showcasing are opening the door to conversations that we all need to be having as citizens.
Fashion but make it political? Magugu is doing it.
Picture: Instagram/ @mileycyrus

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