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Swedish space company AAC Clyde Space announced that it has founded AAC Space Africa to capitalise on the rapidly growing market for satellites and space services in Africa. AAC Space Africa will be based in Cape Town, and it will design, build, and deliver space missions to the continent, the group announced.
According to BusinessTech, the new subsidiary will also be the centre of competence for advanced radio communication systems.
CEO Luis Gomes reportedly said that “The ability to provide data from space and monitor key issues across the continent will help Africa develop at a far more rapid pace over the next decade. Adding local presence and expert knowledge to our existing commercial offering will put AAC in an excellent position to address these growing needs. We look forward to taking an active role in the South African space community and the wider market.”
“The need for space services in Africa is growing rapidly as the government, companies and communities seek efficient ways to support development and build out crucial infrastructure,” Gomes adds.
Dr Robert Van Zyl will lead the new company as managing director and Francois Visser as technical director – these men have over 40 years of small satellite experience.
On the other hand, the team will initially focus on radio communication systems, sales and marketing and is expected to grow quickly in the coming year.
AAC mentioned that it selected South Africa as the base for its new subsidiary, as the country has an established space industry and a strong position in communication systems, with highly skilled engineers and data scientists.
AAC Space Africa will also be the centre of competence for advanced radio communication systems for the entire AAC group, becoming the worldwide supplier of advanced radio systems for AAC’s space missions, the group adds.
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Picture: Unsplash

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