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After a South African fashion designer went out onto the streets of Johannesburg, he encountered and spoke to numerous homeless individuals. The amount of homeless people has rapidly increased as a result of Covid-19, and as a whole. This inspired Carlo Gibson to understand what he could do with his skills for those in need.
Thus, his latest creation has caught the nation’s attention. Not for its grandeur in design or shock-value wear either, but something closer to home, or rather the homeless.
“They told me they needed something warm and portable, something they could carry on their shoulders throughout the day, and use as a jacket when it was cold,” fashion designer Carlo Gibson said as per The Sunday Times.
This is where his three-in-one ‘homeless home’ creation was born. It’s a garment that transforms, a three-in-one sleeping bag, jacket and carry bag, dubbed ‘the homeless home.’
The piece was created in collaboration with students from the University of Johannesburg, the Good Things Guy says.
“Covid-19 forced me to reconsider my ideas [as a designer],” Gibson expresses. “It made me realise that we’re all in this together.”
Gibson recognises that the creatives behind the initiative are by no means fixing the cause of the problem, but rather helping people with something small that makes a big difference, within their respective situations.
Why ‘The homeless home’ is so well designed in functionality:
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Pocket incorporation may seem so small. Thoughts like where do homeless people keep their few belongings, do not often cross our minds when we consider ways to help the homeless community. However, as part of the transformable jacket, it restores a sense of safe-keeping, which is psychologically impactful just as much as it is practical.
The garments are part of a crowdfunding account, and so for one to ‘purchase’ the item sees proceeds go to the Homeless Home Project.
Gibson, as per Good Things Guy, wishes for businesses especially to include a project like this as part of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives.
The link to the cause can be found here.
Picture: @Twgymag

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