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Monday, 23 May
16 Feb
It is the last month of Drum’s 70th year and we are finishing it off in style – literally. 
The magazine has collaborated with Superbalist to recreate some of our favourite Drum covers and make them into t-shirts and sweaters. 
We spoke to one of the designers involved in the project. Superbalist’s Nhlanhla Masemola says it’s been an honour to be part of a brand with so much history. 
Nhlanhla is a Johannesburg-based fashion designer. He was selected as one of the Top 10 Finalists for the Africa Fashion International (AFI) Fast Track programme, which is a platform for up-and-coming designers at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in 2016.
“The team and I wanted something nostalgic for Drum, but we also wanted to modernise it, we wanted to keep most of the covers as they were and incorporate design elements while keeping the playfulness of it all. The senior designer and I sketched hundreds of covers and we were being creative with our designs and we chose our favourites from those, and we created these iconic pieces.”
The pieces feature quotes from Sis Dolly, as well as covers with Lebo Mathosa and Boom Shaka, Brenda Fassie and V-mash. They were designed to specifically capture what Drum has been for the past seven decades which is the “The voice of Africa”.
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“My favourite piece is the Sis Dolly quote; it was a bit of a process getting the right T-shirt. We wanted to grab the eyes of people with wittiness. I enjoyed working on that. There was always a Drum magazine at home, and I remember reading it for entertainment and Sis Dolly always stood out. Drum has always been accessible.”
Nhlanhla grew up in a household full of women and he says it was his admiration for women that led him to want to be a designer.

“I have always been drawn to women and I have strong women in my life from my mom, sister and cousins. I was interested in the arts, and I wanted to marry my creativity and designing together. I was looking for a way to express my adoration for women and I found that through designing,” he says. 
What does he hope people will get from this collaboration?
“We understand that Drum is intertwined with the history of our country and with this range we want people to see that Drum is also a modern publication, it’s not just for elders. It’s fun, it’s fearless and accessible.”
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The range is a way for people to make Drum part of their daily lives.
“When I think of a woman in the pieces, I want them to be confident. I enjoyed working on this collaboration.”
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