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Friday, 13 May
15 Feb
Are you a painter? Procompare’s got business for you. Building contractor? You bet. Web developer? Check. Fences and carports? Yes, sir. Cleaning services? Plenty for you. Architect? For sure. Bookkeeper? No problem.
Lots of professionals have a hard time finding good projects. Take, for example, Dickson Phiri, an electrician from Johannesburg: “It was very difficult for me to get the clients. I was not getting any clients from other advertising platforms.”
Sandy Joselyn, the CEO of web development company Giddyup from Cape Town, was facing similar problems. “I felt it is a lot harder to go out there and network in Covid times and meet new people.”
Enter, a web platform searching for people in need of services on Google, Facebook, Instagram and other outlets, so you don’t have to. They will only send you clients who need your services in your chosen area.
Claim customers in your area right now
You only need internet access and a valid payment method
“I was a bit sceptical at first since we have not heard of Procomapare or the concept it uses. We have always done our own marketing on small-scale advertising in local newspapers and business listings as well as doing Facebook marketing, ” admits tax consultant Quinzelle Kunz of WeTAX4you.
“I came across Procompare on the internet,” says Mr Phiri. “Procompare has made my business grow since I joined them. I am getting new jobs almost every day!”

For instant access to new clients:
Procompare introduces you to the customer in advance, and the competition is limited to a maximum of 5 competitors.
“I thought, why not give it a try? I can always cancel,” said Mrs Joselyn, and she is right. You can change your package or cancel anytime. No obligations.
“Procompare has exposed me to a different network of clients that had never been on my radar previously,” points out Mrs Joselyn.

You pay for the lead, and customers pay for your work. Most leads cost from R40 – R150 and are cheaper than advertising on other channels.
“We are happy with Procompare because we have had a steady stream of new leads and contacts to our business which leads to more avenues and to spin our business from those leads,” says Mrs Kunz. “It is great to have this source of new clients that come in at a very reasonable price,” she concludes.
Join Procompare’s community of Pros!
Subscribe now and get up to 90% off your first month. Change or cancel anytime.
One last tip for professionals new to Procompare: “As soon as you get the lead, you must make a phone call rather than email. You can then follow up with an email. If you call, you stand a better chance,” advises Mrs Joselyn.
For nearly ten years, Procompare has been providing businesses in several countries worldwide with high-quality leads, helping them grow and prosper. Today, they forward over 200,000 leads per year in more than 200 service categories for home and business – from architects, plumbers, and building specialists to web designers, accountants, and cleaning services.
This post is sponsored, written and produced by Procompare.
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